Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Laugh out Loud

I love to laugh, even in a difficult or awkward situation I will find a reason to crack a joke and laugh.  Being in Korea has certainly contributed to my need to laugh out loud all the time.  My students have a very low grasp of the English language but they try really hard and that brings me a lot of joy as fulfilment. Through their valiant efforts in trying to study English they manage to make me laugh.

I am required to conduct interviews with the students every year and grade them on their speaking ability.  It's usually difficult to keep a straight face because their answers are out of this world funny.

Here are some highlights from my classroom.

Me: What job would you never do and why?
Student: I don't want to do any job that uses my body because I don't want to get tired.
Me: What job would you like to do?
Student: A job that only uses my mind.

Question: What do you want to be when you grow up?
Answer:  I want to be a mathematician because I want to have smart brain. My favorite subject is math. Especially I love numbers from zero to nine, numbers can make lots of various problems. So in the future I want to be a mathematician like Euclid.

Task: Write a travel diary about a trip you took with your family or school.

My Travel Diary

Hello, I'm Kim-Dohyun. Now, I'm going Igidae with my family.  The place is very dark at night and a lot's of warm. But it is very funny.  Next time, I'll come again.

My Travel Diary

When I went to Seoul I was very excited but I felt dissopointed because we were going Everland again!  At first night I slept with 'Lee Hyun' I thought he didn't take a shower because he smelled very dirty but I slept because I was tired.
This trip was tied but very exciting! but I didn't want to go Everland again.

The next conversation took place during the 3rd lesson of the day.  It was a Tuesday morning around 11:15 am. So my students shouts from his seat, "Teacher, what time is it?"
I reply, It's 11:15. Why? Do have an appointment?" 
He responds, "No, I'm hungry! My stomach alarm is ringing."

There is never a dull moment in my class.  I could publish a small book if I wrote down every little thing my students say or do.  I love them to bits!^^

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