Monday, August 20, 2012

...And we're back!

Hello Second Semester!

Returning to school after the vacation is the worst! I sometimes feel as though I'm more depressed about the start of the semester than my students but then I show up to class and see their cute little faces and that sadness disappears.

Like me, the students don't want to be at school so to make the day less painful for all of us I like to kick off the first week with a few ice-breakers and games.  Often times the students get really sucked into the first game that we play so we end up just playing that for the rest of the class.  My co-teachers also get into the spirit of things and join in which is always encouraging.

Today was rather easy for me as I only had one class but I'm certain that the rest of the week will follow suit.  Here's hoping for a great semester and lots of smiles along the way!

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