Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Reading Power Tower

Over the summer vacation we are required to host "summer camps".  It's a real camp because we're not outdoors, there's not tent or camp fire, no toasted marshmallows...I could go on, but, I think you get the point. They are just vacation classes!   Summer in Korea is hot and humid.   It's not fun being outside let alone being in the classroom.  I spent weeks preparing for these vacation classes because I wanted the activities to be exciting but not too "strenuous" so that the kids would not become more hot and bothered.  I trolled the internet for ideas and came across an activity called the math power tower on Pinterest.  Now, I'm no mathematician so I decided to do a spin off and focus on reading.

In the original post the brilliant teacher got her students to provide the solution to various math problems which were printed on paper cups. Once they had given the correct answer they would stack the cups in order to build a tower.

For my class I used the same idea but in place of math problems I pasted tongue twisters to the paper cups.  I stored the cups in empty Pringles cans so when each student came to the front he had to pop a cup out, read the tongue twister and contribute to the construction of the tower. The Pringles cans were covered with a sign that said "reading power tower". We used about 50 cups for this activity and were able to build three towers.

Some tongue twisters were trickier than others which made for some good laughs but the students had a blast.
Reading power towers

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