Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Wow!  It seems like ages since I've posted.  The guilt is slowly nibbling at me but before it consumes me I have decided to write a little apology to myself and whoever has visited my page with the hope of finding something resourceful.
 Mitchell Park Zoo, Durban
In Korea, native teachers are given the opportunity to renew their contracts.  The benefits of renewing allows you a two week vacation as well as a handsome bonus.  I used my bonus to book a flight to South Africa where I could spend some much needed time with my loved ones.  Fortunately for me, I was able to combine my winter break with my 'bonus' two weeks which gave me a wonderful month to regroup in the comfort of my family home.

Durban Harbour

The weeks leading up to my big return home were unpleasant as I caught a cold due to the serve winter weather that we experience here.  To make matters worse, I had to teach at our school's winter camp; that did not aid in the recovery process at all.  I kept joking that when I got to South Africa I would defrost under the African sun and will finally be rid of all the cold bugs.  Little did I know, these little bugs caught a piggy back ride with me home.

Flag Farm, Ballito
From the day I landed in SA till the day I left, I had experienced all sorts of aliments.  It wasn't the best of vacations; however, having my family around to take care of me was comforting.  On the few days that I was feeling a bit well, I was able to be a little touristy in my own backyard.  It was wonderful just being under African skies, listening; smelling; and tasting, all the things I grew up with.

Before coming back to Korea, I had a stop-over in Dubai.  I was granted a tourist visa and free accommodation by my airline which afforded me the opportunity to tour the stunning Arab city.  And then, it was back to Korea!

I arrived in Busan the night before our new school year began so the first day at work was absolute torture.  

We are a few months into the new semester and I think I've finally adjusted to being back.  The work load for me this semester has been daunting, hence my failure to blog.  To add to that, I've been falling ill frequently which completely slays me.  I guess it's true when they say "old age is a pain!"

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