Friday, June 21, 2013

Vocab Builder

I'm in the process of planning fun activities for my summer camp.  Like every lesson that I plan, I have to take into consideration my "target audience".  The kids who usually sign up for my vacation classes want to be entertained and not taught.  These classes are four hours a day for 2 weeks but they can feel like an eternity if you have insufficient material prepared, unenthusiastic students or worse, BORING lessons.  With fours years of camps under my belt I have found what works and what doesn't.

My students are huge fan of games and movies. They cringe every time I pull out a worksheet and pass out as soon as I start talking for more than 10 minutes.  Taking those hurdles into consideration I have planned some exciting tutorials and activities for this summer.

Sample Board
While preparing and researching ideas for new activities I came across this gem ===>
                   A boggle bulletin board
You will paste the letters on your blackboard (or a wall of your choice) so that everyone in class has a good view of it.  Give each student his/her own answer sheet and get the kids to make up words.
It's a wonderful opportunity for the students to build their vocabulary and practice thinking independently.  To make things more exciting you could set a time limit and dish out candy to whoever gets the most words in that time.

It's exciting when the kids get all competitive and you can steal a few moments of silence whilst they are busy writing out their words.

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